Raguel - 15 ml

Unité Angels and archangels

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Archangel Raguel: "Friend of God"
Archangel Raguel: "Friend of God"

Order, Household, Justice, Equity, Energy, Vitality, Mental Clarity, Life Advisor.

Raguel is in charge of the Archangelic order, and that everyone fulfills their functions in harmony. He is therefore a mentor in everything that appeals to Order, Clarity, Justice, and Fairness.

Dynamic, friendly and enthusiastic, Raguel behaves like a motor, a battery of Energy as soon as your arms drop, or to help disadvantaged people regain their Personal Power. Highly available, Raguel's responses can manifest through other people or external situations.

The clarity of mind he can bring in unstable emotional states, or the coaching or therapeutic advice are part of the many facets of a friend-teacher always there when needed! The settlement of disputes or disputes could be another area of ​​application of his intercession in your existence, and in divine justice of course.

Keep out of the reach of children, air, heat and light.


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