Raziel - 15 ml

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Archangel Raziel: "Secret of God".
Archangel Raziel: "Secret of God".

Calling on Archangel Raziel can only be beneficial, for he grants luck in games and in love. You can thus obtain unforeseen gains. If you want luck in your life or are looking for true love, pray to Archangel Raziel.
In addition, it rewards our acts of kindness, the better you will be with your neighbor and the more good things will happen to you in your life. Love and luck will meet with you if you bring a little love to the world around you.
If you want or are expecting children, praying to Archangel Raziel is a good idea and your children can be lucky, far-sighted and energetic all their lives.

Keep out of the reach of children, air, heat and light.


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