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The Sun Goddess

The Sun Goddess

   Isis is a greatly revered Egyptian goddess who symbolizes female strength and power. Isis led a balanced life in every way, exercising her functions sometimes as a spiritual master, sometimes as a devoted wife and mother. Isis brought her murdered consort, Osiris, back to life and together they conceived their beloved son, Horus (the falcon-headed pharaoh). Unfortunately, after the conception of this child, Osiris was assassinated again without anything and no one being able to bring him back to life and Isis devoted all her attention to the education of Horus. Isis also convinced the sun-god Ra to tell her what were her secret names containing the sound vibrations capable of creating manifestations instantly. Therefore, Isis is also known as the goddess of divine magic and alchemy.

Isis is often depicted in a two-horned female body with a sun in the middle. This symbol makes the relation with the spirit of the inner sun. In Native American, Semitic and Arab traditions, the sun is considered a feminine energy.

She can help you find the time and energy to thrive on all fronts. You can also invoke it for help with memories of past lives.


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