Synergy Chakra 1 - Root

5 ml Chakras

Synergy Chakra 1 - Root
Synergy Chakra 1 - Root
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These synergies are designed to re-balance and harmonize the chakras.

CHAKRA 1 - Root

These synergies are designed to re-balance and harmonize the chakras.

Suggested Ritual: Put a drop of synergy in the palm of one hand and rub the hands together. Place your hands in front of your face and take three deep breaths. Finish by placing your hands over the heart, as a sign of gratitude.


Chakra located at the level of the perineum.
This is the "I am" root chakra, symbol of the incarnation, the physical consciousness, the grounding, the foundations.

It is the seat of physical vitality, of the survival instinct, of security, it is responsible for the mechanisms of physical life.

Chakra represented by a lotus with 4 petals, its color is red.

Power of a root chakra in balance
Be stable and connected to yourself, maintain a solid social, family, professional bond, feel in your place, assured your material security, know where you come from, be well anchored.

Root chakra links and associated emotional reactions
Mother earth, physical world, strong emotional bond with family and friends, life experience from 1 to 7 years. Everything that is essential for survival and security: having a home, financial security, having enough to eat.

What does a harmonious root chakra do for you?
Well-being, anchoring, physical vitality, self-control.

Consequences of a deficient root chakra
Lack of mind, reverie, memorization difficulties, boredom, distraction, laziness, apathy, lack of dynamism, instability, material problems and difficulties in solving them, tendency to flee reality.

If the root chakra is in excess
Accumulation of goods, addictions (alcohol, tobacco), abuse of material and physical pleasure, race for wealth, overeating, lack of generosity, authoritarian tendency, anger, hyperactivity.

Psychological influences
Affective and family environment, being in your body, feeling of being at home in your place, security, nightmares, eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia).

Creative energy
Connects the physical world and the earth.

Manifested energy
To feel good in your body or not, you need structure, logic, order.

Parts of the body
Legs, feet, bone system, teeth, lymphatic system, spine, immune system, hair, bone marrow, blood cell, elimination system.

Endocrine glands

Adrenaline, noradrenaline.

Physical problems related to the root chakra
Lower back pain, hemorrhoids, sciatica, bone, tailbone, varicose veins, rectal tumor, depression, autoimmune disease, immune problem, cholesterol, hair loss.

Psychic problems
Loss of material survival, feeling of abandonment, disorganization, fear of dying, abuse.

How to re-harmonize the root chakra?
The MULADHARA chakra concerns anchoring and all that has a connection with the earth. Therefore, all related activities are beneficial: nature walk, physical exercise and sport in general especially running, yoga, tai chi ... Gardening, meditation in nature, anchoring activity.

You can also choose: to wear a stone, a perfume, burn incense, recite mantras, sing the vowel that corresponds to the chakra, invoke your archangel.

If, despite everything, you still feel an imbalance, you can also approach a practitioner to receive an energy treatment.

Color : Red.
Sound: U or deep OR.
Physical element: Earth.
Planet: Mars.
Metal: iron.
Note: do.
Mineral: hematite, black obsidian, smoky quartz, snowflake obsidian, red calcite, hawk eye, red jasper, zircon, mokaïte jasper, black banded agate, jet, black opal, petrified wood.
Strength: Ability to defend oneself.
Physical meaning: smell.
Nervous plexus: Sacral plexus.
Energy body: physical body.
Action: procreation, will.
Spiritual aspect: the journey on earth teaches us a spiritual lesson, connected to the world and to our faculty to live in our body.

Muladhara mudra sign

Mantra: LAM.
Archangel: Gabriel


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