Synergy Chakra 6 - 3rd Eye

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Synergy Chakra 6 - 3rd Eye
Synergy Chakra 6 - 3rd Eye
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These synergies are designed to re-balance and harmonize the chakras.

CHAKRA 6 - 3rd Eye

These synergies are designed to re-balance and harmonize the chakras.

Suggested Ritual: Put a drop of synergy in the palm of one hand and rub the hands together. Place your hands in front of your face and take three deep breaths. Finish by placing your hands over the heart, as a sign of gratitude.

Chakras 6 - 3rd Eye
Chakra located between the eyebrows
This is the 3rd eye chakra "I see", it transmits intuition to the lower chakras. Symbol of intuition, knowledge of the essence and the divine plan, access to subtle truths.

Chakra represented by a lotus with 96 petals, its color is indigo

Power of a third eye chakra in balance
Enlightened awareness, intuition, mediumship, fine perception, alertness, being able to find a link between the physical and the subtle.
It is the seat of clairvoyance and all that it entails (intuition, visualization, etc.), this is where the strength of the soul lies.

Third Eye Chakra Links and Associated Emotional Reactions
It governs our ability to think and discern, to use our intuition and imagination, to draw wisdom from our experience. It is also the control center where the thoughts and attitudes are that allow us to change our perceptions and ideas about life as it is or as we would like it to be. When we reflect positively on life, we begin to build an intense spiritual life.

What does a harmonious third eye chakra bring you?
Gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience, access to past lives, no more fear of death, being non-materialistic.

Consequences of a deficient third eye chakra
Lack of interest in culture and knowledge, very sensitive to the feelings of others, lack of self-confidence and individualism, follow the group, very rational personality who is not interested in spirituality, very attached to the material and the pleasure of the flesh.

If the third eye chakra is in excess
Over-intellectualization of the slightest thing. Tendency to the mystical in an extreme way and to the irrational. Rejection of reality, material and pleasure. Perversion going as far as arrogance and contempt for others.

Psychological influences
Chakra in relation to the mental and the emotional, allows to be interested in the hole of our emotions.

creative energy
Openness to reasoning and spirituality, ability to relate our beliefs to our actions.

manifested energy
Open-mindedness and detachment.

Parts of the body
The face, endocrine system, growth.

Nose, ears, upper nervous system.

endocrine glands
Pituitary / hypophysis.


Physical issues related to the third eye chakra
Neurological disorders, Dyslexia, brain tumors, epilepsy, blindness.

Psychic problems
Fear of judgement, of trusting others, of delving into own fears.

How to re-harmonize third eye chakra?
The Ajna Chakra is associated with intuition and subtle knowledge. It is the control center of the body through conscious mastery for our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

So you can learn to relax, stretch, listen to music, visit family and friends, make more time for yourself, read inspiring books, be grateful for the gift of life.

color: dark blue; indigo.
Sound: I
Physical Element: Greater Ether.
Planet: Jupiter / Saturn.
Metal: Pewter; Money.
Note: The.
Mineral: Sapphire, Labradorite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Prehnite, Cavansite, Celestine, Dumortierite, Pietersite, Tanzanite, Fire Agate, Apophyllite, Rutile.
Force: Knowing how to differentiate thoughts linked to fear and illusion from those guided by force and intuition.
Physical senses: nose, eyes, brain, central nervous system, inner ear.
Spiritual sense: extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, clairaudience.
Nervous plexus: Nervous plexus.
Energy body: Buddhic body.
Action: Intuition, wisdom; perceptions highlighted by meditation; learning to listen to oneself, to one's inner guide.
Spiritual aspect: access to detachment through discernment leading to wisdom.


Signe mudra Ajna

Mantra: OM (repeated) KSHAM.
Archangel: Cassiel


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