Synergy Chakra 7 - Crown

5 ml Chakras

Synergy Chakra 7 - Crown
Synergy Chakra 7 - Crown
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These synergies are designed to re-balance and harmonize the chakras.

CHAKRA 7 - Crown

These synergies are designed to re-balance and harmonize the chakras.

Suggested Ritual: Put a drop of synergy in the palm of one hand and rub the hands together. Place your hands in front of your face and take three deep breaths. Finish by placing your hands over the heart, as a sign of gratitude.

CHAKRA 7 - Crown

Chakra located at the top of the skull
This is the crown chakra "I understand" symbol of channeling energy, "awakening", connecting and merging with the divine.

He is represented by a lotus with 100 petals, his color is purple.

Power of a crown chakra in balance
Feeling of unity and connection to everything, harmony, alignment, channeling energy, spirituality, mindfulness.
It is the seat of illumination, of knowledge of the will of God, of the divine will, access for man to the summit of consciousness.

Crown Chakra Links and Associated Emotional Responses
The cosmos. It connects us to our spiritual nature, channels energy into our physical body

What does a harmonious crown chakra bring you?
Access to the conscious and the subconscious, openness to divine energy.

Consequences of a deficient crown chakra
Disappearance of the spark of joy in the individual, indecision.

If the crown chakra is in excess
Headache, frustration.

Psychological influences
Degrees of consciousness that surpasses human fear, elevation of the conscious.

creative energy
Starting point for the physical, creative force (vital energy, cosmic, divine).

Manifested Energies
Seat of PRANA, makes the link between the physical body and the 7 Chakras.

Parts of the body
Brain, top of head, central nervous system.

Endocrine gland


Physical issues related to the crown chakra
Suicidal thoughts; memory loss.

Psychic problems
From the loss of one's beliefs and one's own identity (belief, experience, emotions, thoughts).

How to re-harmonize crown chakra?
The sahasrara chakra embodies the beauty, refinement and spirituality we experience in life. It opens us to the light of the spirit.

You can practice daily meditation or any spiritual activity, internalize yourself on your inner self, pray for well-being and peace, laugh and share your joy, read books of spiritual people, do acts of compassion for all life .

Color: Purple or multicolored.
Sound: Mr.
Physical element: Super ether.
Planet: Saturn / Jupiter.
Metal: Lead gold.
Note: YES.
Mineral: Amethyst, Fluorite, Sugilite, Charoite, Amethyst Spirit Quartz, Labradorite, White Calcite, Damburite, Herkimer Diamond, Howlite, Magnesite, Petalite, Quartz with Rutile Inclusions, Selenite.
Strength: Understanding; Mindfulness; Awareness ; intuition
Physical Sense: Empathy.
Nervous plexus: Brain.
Energy body: Causal body.
Action: Nourishes the other chakras.
Spiritual aspect: Notion of good and evil, of divinity which are linked to spirituality.


Shasrana mudra sign

Mantra: AUM (extended).
Archangel: MICHAEL.


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