Cupid synergy

15 ml Diffuser synergy

Cupid synergy
Cupid synergy
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Awakens and stimulates love. This synergy results in arousing love and stimulating desire.


Awakens and stimulates love. This synergy results in arousing love and stimulating desire.

Directions for use: to avoid saturating the air with aromatic molecules, never diffuse essential oils continuously. For small parts or the car, place about ten drops in a cup or on a piece of cloth; for larger spaces, preferably use an electric diffuser. About 60 drops for a nebulization diffuser for 15 to 20 minutes maximum is sufficient for a room of 20 m2.

Precautions for use: do not swallow. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not pour into a flame or heat source. Do not use for children under three years old. For pregnant women, seek advice from a specialist.

What is a synergy?

Essential oils can complement each other and interact with each other to increase their virtues. With essential oils, it's simple: 1 + 1 = 3! Each ready-to-use synergy combines the benefits of the different plants that compose it to diffuse them cold in the room of your choice. We exclusively select organic essential oils to compose our synergies.

How to disseminate them?
Three distribution methods are possible:
• The nebulization of pure essential oils by forced air allows an intense diffusion which preserves all the active ingredients of the oils. (diffusion intensity: +++)
• Misting with water and ultrasound. It allows diffusion by evaporation of cold water vapor loaded with essential oils. This mist helps to increase the humidity of the room when the air is too dry. (diffusion intensity: ++)
• Capillarity through silica pebbles gives the possibility of enjoying essential oils on the go, at the office, in the bedroom or in the car thanks to the ambient heat. (diffusion intensity: +)


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